My New Year’s Experience


Unfortunately, My New Year’s Eve does not include all inclusive parties, fancy, elaborately priced dinners, watching fireworks on the beach with friends or any kind of leisure oriented activities for that matter.
Working in the restaurant industry means you give up the right to ring in the new year in anyway other than at work. Though for some this may feel like it’s stifling your inner social butterfly from fluttering, for me it’s different. I actually love working on New Years Eve. It’s like a special production for me.  I must be on point – new outfit, hair and makeup slayed.

The night of itself is extraordinary. This is the night we pull out the stops. The chef whips up a menu that would make God blush, champagne is flowing all night like water and  everyone is so jovial about the imminent New Years arrival as the disc jockey takes us up to the countdown. All in all, at Champers an extra effort is made  to ensure the evening is extraordinary for guests on New Years Eve. Here’s a quick look at what last year was like.

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However, the real celebration for restauranteurs and staff alike, begins on New Years Day. After a hard night’s work, we deserve a drink or ten. This year I celebrated the new year at the prestigious Cliff Beach Club.

This restaurant is a strange beauty. It carries a mixed media theme throughout and surprisingly it’s a hit. The balance of eclecticism, modernity, classicism with the fusion of antique charm, collectively with the breathtaking view it shares with its amazing sister restaurant, The Cliff, is spectacular. Even from the decor alone, one could deduce that this restaurant is one of  a kind, commanding a class for itself. Definitely, pioneered by an  artistically inclined mind not bond to societal ideologies of what pretty is but it is the embodiment of  beauty. It even has cute, little, white wicker chairs from back in the day. You know, the ones your granny had out in the veranda many moons ago.


The Beach Club is certainly a unique treasure. Its relaxed atmosphere is welcoming to all and its cascading floor plan ensures that anywhere you sit, the view is yours. Not to mention, the dj, who was excellent at building a vibe and pumping the already hip atmosphere through lunch. Even the babies were dancing.

Now to the good stuff..

I’m not sure if the menu they were running is the regular menu or a special menu for that day as the first time I went, the menu was completely  different. That could also be due to the fact that my first visit was during their soft opening.

Nevertheless, the food remained as good as I remembered.  To start, I had the Scallops Vol Au Vent with a Parmesan cream. It’s basically scallops inside of a pot like structure made from puff pastry. The pastry was perfect. I could have comfortably eaten that pastry without the seafood. That’s how good it was. Though I enjoyed it, it was nothing compared to the phenomenon going on my aunt’s plate. She had a Mascarpone and Truffle Pizza with Arugula. Two words – FREAKING AMAZING.

I was impressed with the presentation of all the food but I was especially taken back by the Prawn and Avocado Salad. It was gorgeous. I’m not ashamed to say I conveted every meal. They were not only aesthetically pleasing but both my eyes and palate gave a resounding  YASSSSSS.

The Main Event 

To be completely honest, I didn’t know what Spaghetti Vongole was until I consulted Google. Hahaha! (tip: any time you are unsure about a dish, so as to avoid embarrassment or disappointment ask a question whether it be to your server or a search engine.)

Having eaten and loved mussels, I thought Clams couldn’t be much different. And they weren’t.  Though not as dominant a flavor as my favorite seafood, they were quite nice. They have a similar, chewy-like texture like the mussels but I’ve learnt that the true beauty with these types of seafood, is a really good sauce to accompany it. It was a spicy sauce that could have been spicier but nothing a few chili flakes couldn’t rectify.

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I would love to talk about my dessert but too much champagne equals too much amnesia.😩😩

Salute to the Chef on a job well done!

The Cliff Beach Club has the influence of addictivity. Yet another set of expectations completely surpassed by great service and equally satisfying food.

4.7/5 👌🏼

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