Cliff Notes

I was on the edge of a cliff. NO, Seriously. I WAS RIGHT ON THE EDGE. On the water’s edge. On a beautiful table with this absolutely amazing view. Set in crystal clear waters, purposely lit to reveal schools of tarpon swimming in the tranquil bay, anticipating their customary evening feeding. And I was there. On a cliff -At The Cliff!!!

I should have some kind of muscle form in my cheeks after the permanent smile I wore all night on Oct 14.  I feel the need to share a little history of myself here just to condition your perspective to comprehend my ecstatic behaviour. In my mind, Cliff is to restaurants what the Ritz Carlton is to hotels. Undeniably luxurious!! It is the epitome of all things luxe. The ultimate restaurant authority, in Barbados that is.

As I write, I’m still experiencing the anxiety I felt as I walked through the doors. Perhaps, its my subconscious hinting at another visit. Or maybe I’m still captivated by this classy establishment. Or both lol.

The outside of the restaurant, though nice, doesn’t quite prepare you for the spectacularity that it’s simplistic exterior conceals. My waltz through the front door and into the lounge was truly breathtaking.

(I do apologise for the absence of photos, I was a guest and who wants to be perceived as the little black girl taking pictures of everything like its her first rodeo.)

Main Menu

Lobster Linguine was my choice for a starter. Exquisite! I’m a certified lover of nouveau cuisine and I must say the plating is superb. Everything from the type of crockery selected to the way it was presented and the taste, was on point.

I chose a Tenderloin of Beef  as my 2nd course. No disappointments. The Beef was as soft as I imagined it would be, much like that of a hot knife through butter. I’m not exactly sure what it is about the classic combination of steak and mushrooms that pair so well but it was as though the two were inextricably linked to deliciousness. I stole a mustard and tarragon sauce from the veal chop featured on their menu and once again a another favourable pairing occurred.

Traditionally, a red wine would have been the ideal selection for steak especially steak accentuated with mushrooms but thank God we are no longer bound to these gastronomical imprisonments. A Cakebread Cellar Chardonnay was the wine selected for dinner and nobody died. My palate approved.

 Restaurants should aim to do two things; captivate interest with superb first impressions in starters and succeed that awesomeness with banging desserts. I was blown away by the dessert course. The detail and intricacy put into these desserts denoted a  high standard of quality.

Valrhona Chocolate mousse


My only minor disappointment is the size of the ice cube served in my customary digestif. I enjoy my Amaretto “lukewarm”- barely cold, which is virtually impossible with the monstrosity of a single ice block served.

My experience was mind blowing. Would I go back again? Definitely! But this gem is reserved for special occasions as it is pricey and not suitable for regular dining unless you are Donald Trump, of course.


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